Our high quality, preformed Solipure™ liposomes are prepared by experienced formulators using the highest quality lipids. Solipure™ is easy to use and can save you time, cost and improve the productivity and reliability of your research.

In general , preparation of liposomal formulations for encapsulation of drugs is an extremely complex task, requiring specialist equipment and time-consuming processes. In addition, the process is not applicable to all drugs and for each compound assessment of the lipid composition and also control of the particle size and encapsulation efficiency is required, which make researchers usually reluctant to formulate liposomal drugs. Kuecept offers a unique solution to overcome these problems by offering the proprietary Solipure™ liposomal solubiliser technology, a process that was originally developed by Phares Drug Delivery AG.

Solipure™ is a sterile liposomal preparation composed of a proprietary blend of biologically compatible phospholipids and electrolytes, which are prefilled into ready-to-use vials. When a drug solution is poured into the vial and gently shaken, the drug is quickly encapsulated in the liposomes and solubilised. Empty Liposomes have a special advantage in that even drugs such as the anthracyclines and aminoglycosides can be efficiently encapsulated without the need for special technologies such as extrusion.

Benefits of the Solipure™ liposomal technology include:

  • Ability to encapsulate hydrophilic and hydrophobic drugs
  • Prevents precipitation of poorly soluble drugs upon dilution in biological fluids (e.g. blood)
  • Reduces drug plasma protein binding
  • Reduces toxicity of the therapeutic agent
  • Prolongs systemic half-life, an advantage for drugs with fast clearance and elimination
  • Reduces drug accumulation in tissues

Solipure™ liposomes are suitable for parenteral dosing via intravenous, subcutaneous and intramuscular routes and is safe and tolerable for both preclinical and clinical dosing. 


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