Bioavailability Enhancement

Effective technology selection for improving bioavailability can accelerate the development of promising compounds and reduce the overall cost and complexity of drug development

An increasing number of active compounds in today's pipeline have unfavourable physico-chemical properties that require functional formulation to achieve adequate systemic exposure. Despite many new formulation strategies being utilised today, it is often difficult to match the right drug-delivery technology to a given molecule; this problem is exacerbated by the need to save time and valuable drug in early development.

At Kuecept, we have invested over £1 million in our state-of-the-art development facility, which consists of a broad spectrum of specialist processing equipment to allow clients to rapidly, cost effectively and material sparingly assess in a non-biased way which enabling drug-delivery strategy is most suited for their particular API and which can fast-track entry into first-in-human clinical trials according to desired timelines and budget.

Supporting oral, parenteral and pulmonary drug development, all product concepts are mechanistically designed based on a comprehensive understanding of physiology (preclinical and human), key molecule physico-chemical properties and the target product profile (TPP).

Our enabling technologies include:

      • Spray-dried amorphous dispersions (SDDs) 
      • Hot-melt extrusion (HME) for amorphous and matrix dosage forms
      • Matrix microspheres (controlled and sustained release)
      • Aqueous and organic nano-suspensions by wet-bead milling
      • Solid nano-crystalline dispersions (SNCDs)
      • API micronisation (wet and dry)
      • Amorphous multi-particulates (immediate and controlled release)
      • Solubilised liquids (including emulsions/ micro-emulsions, complexation (e.g. cyclodextrins), lipids and oily dispersions, liposomes, co-solvents)
      • High energy forms / salts


This technology breadth allows our scientists to efficiently screen for and demonstrate formulation feasibility, optimize dosage forms and advance product concepts through preclinical evaluation and into clinical trials. Using our collective expertise in formulation science, we focus on key physical and chemical properties of the compound and dosage-form requirements, working collaboratively with clients to develop tailored problem statements specific to each compound. These problem statements are used to guide preliminary decisions about selection of the technology that offers the highest potential for performance, stability and manufacturability.

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