Technology Transfer

Our partner network of GMP production facilities ensures you get the best quality of service for your clinical supplies, no matter which enabling technology is required

Over the past few years, many organisations have promoted the one-stop-shop approach to drug development as a way of offering a seamless and cost-effective route through preclinical studies and into clinical evaluation. However, as drugs become increasingly more challenging to develop, more often specialist and complex formulation approaches are required; therefore, to reduce the risk of product failure it is better to use a facility that has a deep routed expertise in the formuation technology to be used for the clinical manufacture rather than a company that has broad capabilities but limited expertise. 

Kuecept has developed several key alliances with organisations around the globe to ensure that you have access to world-class expertise and state-of-the-art facilities no matter what the administration route or dosage form to be manufactured. To ensure a smooth transfer process, the Kuecept team can manage the entire process to ensure your compound gets the quality of service it deserves. 

To date, we have successfully developed over 30 enabling drug product concepts that have been transferred for clinical manufacture at cGMP manufacturing facilities worldwide. For more information on this service, please contact us. 


"Kuecept have an excellent understanding of pharmaceutical drug product development. They are very responsive to clients’ needs and are pragmatic in their approach to work. Their knowledge of the pharma service industry and extensive network makes them a very valuable partner to work with. I highly recommend Kuecept to anyone wanting an excellent service at a good value.Testimonial #3

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